A message from Uniqcue’s CPO

Hi this is Liz, Uniqcue’s CPO. I am really excited about our product and the value that it can bring to the world. Amongst our staff, very few of us are excited about existing MR/AR because we just do not see the usefulness to us in our daily lives. Even if we did, everything is so expensive that it is impossible to justify the purchase. We know that there are so many possibilities for this technology to make a difference if only it were accessible, affordable, useful, and most importantly trustworthy.

I will touch on all these topics in a lot more detail as we grow but now I want to share with you what drives us to bring this product to the world. When we say world, we mean it. We believe that technology should be accessible to anybody no matter where they live, how much money they make, etc. etc. We also believe that technology should be useful to everybody. That is a very tall order. It means finding a way to bring our glasses to the masses. We actually are calling them glasses for the masses for the time being because we mean it. We hope one day that our implementation of MR technology is as ubiquitous as mobile phones and everyday glasses.

We believe that collaboration works better than going it alone. We will look for technology partners that can help us bring this to you faster and cheaper. We look forward to finding and partnering with businesses and institutions who share our vision that wish to deploy this technology as we get ready for beta testing. We will reach out for input from all of you as well. After all, you are the reason that we are doing this.

There is a lot of leading and bleeding edge technology that we will need to combine. We hope to hire the best and the brightest to bring our ideas into your reality. Tag along and follow our progress. If you are inclined to join in our crowd funding head to that page. Participate in any way that makes you happy. Until next time.

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