About Us

Our vision

When we created Uniqcue, we had a vision of how we wanted to use the power of technology to make the world a better place. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Technology has the power to revolutionize the quality of life for everyone in the world, and yet we so often privatize technology as a product of luxury. Coming from years of working with big tech, we are tired of seeing how the industry gatekeeps women, people of color, and other marginalized communities both from the inside as well as from the outside. When someone comes from a disadvantaged background, it is as hard to get recognized while working within tech as it is to find a surplus of technology woven into the fabric of life of their communities.

We believe that corporations are to blame for this lack of opportunity, not technology itself. Like medicine, technology is created to better lives, but the desire to make a profit has led to the harming of lives when we restrict access to only those who have capital.

Uniqcue was created with the vision to change this once and for all. What started out as a concept to help attendees of live events achieve an equal opportunity to be heard—regardless of where they were seated within a live stadium or event space— evolved into a product that strives to bring all forms of entertainment, experiences, and events to the fingertips of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Uniqcue’s platform harnesses the power of XR to bring the future of live events to anyone with the imagination to power it. We create a world where real-time experiences can seamlessly blend in with virtual or augmented experiences: where a child can walk through museums on the other side of the world; where teenagers can cheer on their favorite e-sports teams without needing a plane ticket; where technology conferences can be held with a mixture of live and remote attendees, but all mingling in real-time. We blur the line between reality and imagination by hosting an exciting realm of possibilities and opportunities while—most importantly—championing a progressive future where knowledge, experiences, and technology alike are not limited to the elite alone.

Imagine a world where tourism and exploration are not limited by money or distance. A world where classes and hands-on learning is only limited by your own passion. A world where massive concerts, sporting events, and other live events are environmentally sustainable and yet people are closer together, without global barriers. This is the new era of interaction; and Uniqcue will make it possible as a registered B Corp that pledges to be socially responsible, socially accessible, and ethically progressive with everything we do. From our company culture within, to the worlds we build on our platform and the hands of customers we place them into, we aim to model what an ethically responsible and progressive company actually looks like, especially within the profit-hungry saturated world of Silicon Valley.

Our passionate and motivated team always seeks to make every voice heard. We continue to work for every attendee and every person to have an equal opportunity to be heard, but also to now have access to innovative ways to be seen as well. Our revolutionary extended reality platform—coupled with our low-cost economical XR glasses for the masses—can at last break the barrier that made XR a luxury experience, and enable all people—no matter their age, ability, race or socioeconomic status—to fully experience any world of their choosing. Our backers will also have the opportunity to choose communities that are important to them that we will begin bringing these XR experiences to first, for free.

It’s 2021. We are transparent about our missions, our values, and our progressive goals. We say it is about time that we made XR technology and worldwide experiences low-cost and viable for everyone.

Our leadership