Your Way

We all experience reality differently. Extended Reality (XR) encompasses augmented and virtual reality and also allows us to add information and visual content to amplify and share our experiences whether in the real world, virtual worlds, or a combination of both.

Uniqcue’s Vision

This sounds lofty, but we are on a mission to change the world… by bringing the world to you.

Our ambition is for everybody to have equal access to everything technology has to offer, as well as an equal opportunity to access experiences, education, and events without being limited by location, economics, or physical capabilities. We are a socially conscious company that takes pride in our activism. We want to not only make Extended Reality plausible for all kinds of uses, but we want everybody to be a user as well. If you also believe that everybody should be able to access every possible experience in life, everything that exists in this world, then read on to find out how we will bring about this new reality.

Your New Reality

Uniqcue Use Cases

Real Estate

Uniqcue’s platform enables the realtor to reconstruct the property in XR allowing prospective tenants or buyers to walk-through the property from anywhere in the world at their convenience and at their own pace without traveling. Realtors and property managers have access to a bigger pool of prospective buyers and tenants. Uniqcue allows multiple people to join at the same time so that a real estate manager or agent can take prospective tenants or owners on a personalized tour and answer all questions in real time.


A new teacher wants to take her class to see the new exhibit at the Louvre. The parents are wondering how they will manage all of the arrangements and the cost. The teacher tells the parents that they will travel using XR and be able to meet their bilingual guide. The kids and their parents are so excited that the parents join the tour, and the kids actually behave for the entire “trip”.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to attend your favorite concert virtually even though you can’t afford the time or money to make it in person? We mean REALLY attend! Using XR, you will be able to attend the concert with your friends and sit next to each other in the VIP (Virtually Imported People) section. After all, what is better than being able to follow your favorite group around the world. Even better, you are doing it with your favorite people while saving time and money.


More integrated visual approach to teaching and learning. Mathematics, sciences, and any physical based-education is always related to the real world. With XR teachers can immerse students in the lesson, no matter what the age group or location of the learners. Immersive learning.